What happens in a session?

Clients remove their clothes down to their underwear or they can choose to keep light clothing. The client lies on a massage table, covered with a sheet. For the first half of the session, they lie face down, with their head turned around so the practitioner can see the client’s face. The cover is removed only on the areas the practitioner is working. For the second half of the session, the client lies on their back.

The practitioners uses responsive words and a lights touch to help the client feel where they are holding their muscles and their breath. The hands of the practitioner are not forcing or manipulating but listening and helping the client feel safe. When this happens, the defense response of the client’s nervous system is no longer needed and the client can deepen the awareness of their own body, emotions and thoughts.

Carmen has a practice in Hanwell W7 and will shortly start working also in West Ealing W13and Ealing Broadway W5.

Alexander Technique

I am also a qualified Alexander Technique Teacher. Please visit my website at www.ealingalexandertechnique.com for more information.