History of the Rosen Method

Marion Rosen, founder of Rosen Method Body Work, was a world leader in mind/body therapy.
She was born in Germany in 1914. At the beginning of her working life, she was
part of an extraordinary therapeutic community in Munich that included Elsa
Gindler and Lucy and Gustav Heyer who trained with Carl Jung in the 1920s. Later
they developed a combined physical and psychological theory. During this time,
Marion learned about breath and sensory awareness to complement
Marion escaped Nazi Germany and immigrated to Stockholm where she studied
physical therapy. Then she went to the United States and continued her studies at
the Mayo Clinic. She developed the Rosen Method through many years of
experience in her private practice. She developed a reputation amongst
physicians and other practitioners, of being someone who could help those who
were not improving through traditional means. She began to teach others her
method in 1977.