Carmen Barral BA, M STAT

Carmen was born in Spain and came to the Uk after graduating in Psychology at the University of Santiago de Compostela. She has been living in West London for the last 33 years.

Carmen completed her 3 years training in the Alexander Technique in 2005. Since then she saw many people who came with chronic tension and musculoskeletal pain and she started to notice that in a significant number of cases, the root cause of the chronic tension and pain had a strong emotional component. 

She had been interested in the psychosomatic nature of emotions ever since her university studies. She wanted to understand why we develop habits of tension, even in the absence of external physical demands.  When she came across the Rosen Method, she found it to be the most inspiring, profound and direct approach for understanding and healing emotional and physical pain.

She has been working, as an Intern first and then as a Registered Rosen Method Practitioner,  since 2014. 

Carmen has a practice in Hanwell W7 and shortly will start working also in West Ealing W13 and Ealing Broadway W5 where she already offers Alexander Technique sessions. For further information go to for more information.

Like all members of the Rosen Institute, Carmen adheres to the Institute’s code of ethical and professional conduct and holds professional indemnity insurance.